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Portal is a series of firstperson puzzleplatform video games developed by valve. Lab rat is a graphic novel that released on the internet in april of 2011. The writing was quite canon, glados in character, and with that perfect trite feeling to the precatastrophe scenes of the aperture labs. We also hope this data will encourage more professionals not to accept work that pays below certain standards. The enrichtment center assures you this is a strictly selfish impulse on your part, and why cant you love science like insert coworkers name here. The higher the grade of a comic book the higher the value. The events in lab rat explain the connection between portal 1 and 2 and how. That kind of kills the traditional comic book feel and gives the impression that it works a lot better on screen than on paper. The characters, who occupy a universe that parodies american popular culture, were created by steve purcell in his youth, and later debuted in a 1987 comic book series. Your place for card games, wargaming miniatures, board games, pen and paper roleplaying. The cube then tells doug to patch chells cryounit in the reserve grid and. Lab rat is a comic made to bridge the gap between portal and portal 2. The data represents a resource in the process of being built given the small and nonrepresentative sample, we are not drawing conclusions or interpreting the data at this point.

Setting of the game portal, portal 2 and the comic portal 2. The primary reason to grade a comic is that there is a direct correlation between the condition of the comic and the value of the book. With portal 2 hitting shelves next week, valve has also released a tiein webcomic titled lab rat which delves deeper into the games backstory. Pc portal 2 ps3 xbox 360 comics read full story comics. Due to high mortality rates, you may be reluctant to participate in the new initiative.

He is about to kill you is a custom singleplayer portal 2 map made by jwcreations. A joint project between valve and established comic book artists, such as michael. Takio with brian michael bendis, 96page graphic novel, icon comics, march 2011, isbn 9780785153269 lab rat, based on portal and leading up to portal 2. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. May 07, 20 black panthers wakanda lab was pretty swank bank in his early appearances, though i dont know the last time it was actually featured in a comic. You play music on behalf of sencit music, and 5 music rights societies. Set in the halflife universe, the two main games in the series, portal 2007 and portal 2 2011, center on a woman, chell, forced to undergo a series of tests within the aperture science enrichment center by a malicious artificial intelligence, glados, that controls the facility. After a long and painful weekend of waiting, its time to wrap up this story with the second portion of lab rat. He was voiced by stephen merchant, who also played darren lamb in extras, stuart pritchard in hello ladies, and paris in gnomeo and juliet and sherlock gnomes.

Lab rat is not a licensed comic book tiein but rather an incontinuity extension of valves own work on the. With portal 2 hitting shelves next week, valve has also released a tiein webcomic titled lab rat which delves deeper into the games. My name is professor bill and here we will endeavor to educate the world on all things comic book related. Ign talked with powers and the mice templar cocreator michael avon oeming about expanding the world of portal 2.

Rating follow 0 followers read from beginning read the latest. Kazimieras kaz was a mighty med employee and is a main character in lab rats. It was released before portal 2, so it obviously has no spoilers for portal 2 and has nothing to do with the plot of portal 2. John romita sits on exalted perch in the comic book industry today as an elder and beloved statesman. Create your own comic book printed and bound professionally. While it mostly promotes their game, it was also seen as an effective way to extend the portal universe, and make the portal fans. Portal quotes 28 quotes meet your next favorite book. Detonation control glitch mix, alt back tenth dimension. The portal comics and gaming, bethlehem, pennsylvania.

Use the included art tools to create it by hand, then mail it in the prepaid envelop. Dec 14, 2011 this is a useful article for both artists, and people looking to commissionbuy art, specifically in the realm of comics. Portal the video game by valve came to the scene in 2007 and blew the roof off with its puzzle driven first person shooter gameplay. The comic bridges the ending of portal and leads into the events of portal 2. To grade a comic, you need to take in to consideration a number of factors before being able to assess the correct grade. Lab rat was created by valve and michael avon oeming. A spine split of up to 2 3 the length of the book, a missing back cover provided the front cover is still attached, severe water damage or residue damage. Michael avon oeming about expanding the world of portal 2. Mcfarlane, 2004 by the united states court of appeals for the seventh circuit.

The story takes place in between the first and the second game, and connects the two stories through a character, hinted at throughout both games, rat man and the decisions he makes. The data below was gathered anonymously from a sample size of 100 comics professionals. I draw on years of experience and a broad knowledge of book structure and housing construction, fine materials, and efficient high quality hand workmanship to help that vision be realized. Komiket the filipino komiks and art market which helps nurture the local komiks community, discover new creators and readers, and launch new local komiks is. It won second place in the heavyduty supermapping supercontest. At the beginning of the game, wheatley awakens chell, who has been in stasis for several years, and tries to help her escape the aperture science facility, but is. Glados is chells mom, how ratmans behind it, why wheatley. Lab rat is an interesting, beautifully drawn short comic, obviously, connected to the high praised videogames of the same name. The second and final episode of the portal 2 prequel comic, lab rat, is up. This process takes no more than a few hours and well send you an email once approved. Dont forget to leave a comment with a story along a comic strip and it might appear in a future video. Today, were happy to present part 1 of valves internally produced portal 2. Web comic books are an instructional medium that gives children the chance to use material from their own lives to conceive, write, and illustrate stories.

Interesting theory but from the information from the game, comic and wiki, i have to say your theory aint that good. Portal is also armed with a wide variety of weaponry, including a huge gun that shoots energy harpoons fires concussive force blasts capable of leveling an office building, a handweapon capable of firing a fasthardening adhesive substance which impedes physical movement of target, a wheel a 1. Mar 03, 2010 on march 1 and march 3, 2010, portal was updated to feature parts of an eventually highly successful alternate reality game or arg to promote its sequel, portal 2. The artist drew amazing spiderman for broad swaths of the 1960s and. Last friday, we debuted part 1 of valves mindbending comic book, portal 2. Thats why were exclusively debuting part 1 of valves exciting new comic book. A fan reading of the portal graphic novel, lab rat comic by valve with michael avon oeming and jay pinkerton. The team fortress 2 web comics, up until the release of loose canon, when he was moved to the left 4 dead team. It depicts the events between the end of portal and the beginning of portal 2.

He was born as a normohuman until a fight with olivers mom exposed him to the arcturion, which gave him and oliver superpowers. In addition to all of the above, there are few pieces of artwork, mainly postcards and various other random things such as some of the saxton hale magazine covers. Aug 02, 2019 the first wifi 6 router we tested was the netgear nighthawk ax12, which promises speeds of up to 1. Main character chell from portal makes an appearance in the comic but it focuses on another meaningful character. The ignexclusive comic continues to drive anticipation by answering some questions and asking a lot more. Check out the portal 2 lab rat comic book xbox one. Aperture science, portal 2, lab rats, story setting, horror comics, movie posters, art. Lab rat, a comic that chronologically took place at the end of the first portal game. Lab rat is the perfect primer to set you up for the release of portal 2 next week, so if you want to read it in full, simply head over to the official portal 2. Types of damage that place a comic in fr range include. Lab rat from the worlds largest community of readers.

It should probably be read before playing portal 2. The arg was created solely by portal 2s development team. Todd mcfarlane, for infringement and breach of contract. Caitlin snow, and a version of harrison wells from. Wheatley is the main antagonist of the 2011 valve video game portal 2.

After mighty med gets destroyed, he teamed up with bree and chase along with oliver and skylar to track down both unknown super villains and those responsible for mighty. The release of portal 2 is rapidly approaching, but fans wont even have to wait until april 19th for new portal content. Lab rat bridges the gap between the events of the video games portal and portal 2 and tells an exciting new story set in the world of aperture science. Jun 11, 20 doug rattman, from the valve comic lab rat. A comic book in fr condition may have nonstory elements such as coupons, ad pages, or marvel value stamps cut or torn out of the book. Portal 2 comic to fill in the gaps between games cgmagazine. About three years ago, i set out to make a fulllength 20 minute dub of portal. Spoilers are there but they are few and far between for those of you who have never visited the aperture science enrichment center yet. My goal at booklab ii is to help you realize the aesthetic vision of your projects.

The characters are a pair of anthropomorphic, vigilante private. The shift in illustration style portrayed the protagonists mental state very effectively. It also reveals the story of the mysterious rattmann who is never shown but mentioned in the games. This comic, made available online about two weeks before portal 2s release, includes wicklunds art to. Lab rat is a graphic novel released in april of 2011.

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