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Employers shall base the selection of the appropriate hand protection on an evaluation of the performance characteristics of the hand protection relative to the tasks to be performed, conditions present, duration of use, and the hazards and potential hazards identified. A 388a 388m 07 used in usnrcrdt standards standard practice for ultrasonic examination of heavy steel forgings1 this standard is issued under the. Nei lavori elettrici sotto tensione a contatto devono essere indossati come uno dei due livelli di protezione. Astm a388 standard practice for ultrasonic examination of heavy. Revision of the cut resistant test method in the en 388. For additional information on osha standards, please visit. The existing standard is used for certification until then. This standard is issued under the fixed designation a 388a 388m. Footwear with characteristics suitable for protecting the wearer against injuries that may occur in the professional sectors for which the footwear has been designed, with toe caps for providing protection against impact, when tested at an energy level of 200 j. Il significato delle quattro cifre e quello illustrato in tabella, il simbolo x. Protective gloves general en 420 requirements concerning. The personal protective equipment at work regulations.

The test for safety for en 388 coded gloves is simultaneously simple and complex. This fun video and infographic provides a run down of the new ansi a1 through a9 cut levels and breaks down the new en388 a through f cut levels and what they signify. Standard practice for ultrasonic examination of heavy steel. Find guide gloves with en iso 3741 among our products. En 388 2016 standard updated en 388 standard for protective gloves against mechanical risks 2016 edition as discussed above, the most significant change to the en 388 2016 standard is the formal inclusion of the iso 997 cut test method. This standard is intended to be used in conjunction with en 420. En 420 en standards, ce markings, standards for personal protective equipment. English us english us english uk english uk french french. Gloves with a en 388 rating are third party tested, and rated for abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance. Din en 388 protective gloves against mechanical risks includes amendment.

En 388 guanti di protezione da rischi di natura meccanica. Updated en 388 standard protective industrial products. I metodi di prova sviluppati possono essere applicati anche ai protettori delle braccia. Reporting is in 9 levels instead of previously 5 to accommodate stronger cut protective fibres. Please check our terms and conditions mainly for engineering standards in electronic pdf.

A number of changes are effective under the new en 388 standard. Gloves with an en 388 rating must be thirdparty tested and can be rated for abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance. According to this standard, characteristics such as abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tearing strength, puncture resistance and impact protection are tested. National foreword this standard has been prepared by ecisstc 10. Resistencia aos cortes segundo a norma en iso indice e e protecao contra impactos indice f. Guanti isolanti a norma iec 60903 e en 60903 i guanti isolanti sono i dispositivi di protezione individuale simbolo dei lavori elettrici. The most significant change has been to the cut resistance testing. The instrument used for this test consists of a circular, free rotating blade, under pressure.

En standards en 388 en 420 protective gloves standard. Our components are also worldrenowned by handloaders and other manufacturers as well. While this test method is primarily designed for metals, it may be used on other materials as well. Faq order catalogue campaigns servicestretch lightweight. The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this.

The weights that can be changed to modify the force applied to the blade, as well as the blade itself as it cuts through a test piece mounted on a curved surface, are highlighted. This standard applies to gloves protecting against mechanical risks, including abrasion, cut, tear and puncture. The new en 388 revision, including testing according to en iso 997 will be implemented at notified bodies 20 days after it has been published in the official journal of the european union. Certification manager kinga demetriou address bsi group, kitemark house, maylands avenue hemel hempstead, hp2 4sq, united kingdom email kinga. En 388 gloves standard explained health and safety. Standard practice for ultrasonic examination of steel forgings. This test results in a cut index score and is based on a free rotating circular blade, under a standard 5n contact force, tracking backwards and forwards over a flat.

A 388 a 388m 07 used in usnrcrdt standards standard practice for ultrasonic examination of heavy steel forgings1 this standard is issued under the. The gloves themselves should not impose a risk or cause injury. Do you want clarity about the updated glove standard en 388. Currently, on many cut resistant gloves sold in north america, you will find the en 388 marking. Cut resistance is rated 15, while all other physical performance factors are rated 14. A simple explainer of en 388, the european standard for gloves which protect against mechanical risks. Din en 388 protective gloves against mechanical risks. When the european standard test your gloves, they really do test them as everyday wear would, except with a bit more science involved. A summary of the update to standard en 388 protective gloves against mechanical risks uk expert guide.

Standard practice for ultrasonic examination of heavy. Iso 997, also known as the tdm100 test, is similar to the astm f299215 test method used in the. Commission and the european free trade association, and supports. Tests under the new standard have an a before the cut level. Gloves with an en 388 rating must be thirdparty tested and can be. From the highest levels, we offer hunters and shooters the finest hunting and precision ammunition available. Designed to keep pace with the development of cut resistant fibres, the new standard is designed to address flaws in the cut test. Barrels were supplied by satern rifle barrel company. Feeling a bit in the dark about the recent changes to the cut testing standards. Astm e 384 covers both the knoop and vickers hardness tests when conducted using test forces in the 1 to gf. En 388 standard en 388 is the european standard used to evaluate mechanical risks for hand protection, but more than that, to be legally sold in europe, a glove has to be en 388 certified. The seams and edges must not cause harm to the user. Jul 15, 2015 en 388 refers to the suitability of the glove when faced with mechanical risks and is recognisable by the following symbol. The en 388, similar to ansiisea 105, is the european standard used to evaluate mechanical risks for hand protection.

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