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Morning dolphin swim kealakekua bay snorkel combination tour. For people who love whales, a high point of this winters breeding and birthing season for migratory north pacific humpback whales in hawaii was a surge of 4% in whale sightings by volunteers. On the east side, hilo bay is another place popular for whale sightings. Put your whale watching experience in the hands of a researcher who has studied whales his whole life. During hawaiis whale season you can go on a whale watching cruise along the big islands hilo, kona or kohala coast.

The definite guide to hawaii island whale watching tours. Depart from the west coast on a ocean raft, small boat, or catamaran to watch dolphins play in the waters of the big island, then jump in yourself for. Whale watching tours on the big island of hawaii 2020. Best for whale watching on big island adventure x boat tours. Welcome to dan mcsweeneys whale watch learning adventures. Hawaii big island whale watching tours hawaii discount.

Maui whale watching tours and snorkeling closest encounters in. As you whale and dolphin watch, discover hilos coastal waterfalls inaccessible by road or foot fed by streams racing down. Tours typically depart from the kohala coast or kailuakona areas. They play a large role in hawaiian legendincluding one creation storyand appear in ancient petroglyphs on several islands. Hawaii s big island is home to migrating pods of humpback whales, which often breach as they build up energy for their northward migration. You might also spot some of the other whale species that make their home in these waters yearround sperm whales, pilot whales, pygmy killer whales and rare beaked whales as well as dolphin pods and curious sea turtles. Whales, waterfalls, sugarcane ruins tours out of hilo on hawaii s big island. This narrated tour brings you to some of the best viewing grounds via 24person catamaran.

The big island of hawaii has so many highlights, it can be hard to fit them all into just one day. The hawaiian islands humpback whale national marine sanctuary. With tourism on furlough, hawaiis whales are enjoying. Choose from morning trips, cocktail cruises and afternoon sailing. Humpback whales make their annual journey to hawaii between the months of november and april whale season, and the big island is our favorite of the. Other great islands for whale watching are maui and kauai. He personally conducts the only whale watching company on hawaii i island that actively supports and protects. Ten to 15,000 humpback whales make their annual pilgrimage to hawai. Every year from december to may, visitors flock to the island of hawai. Youre able to hear the whales singing through the provided hydrophones. Schedule a tour or charter a boat to spot these magnificent creatures. Whale watching on the big island 2020 big island of hawaii.

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