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Anyone with experience in the unit that is willing to share any thoughts or advice id appreciate. Elk and deer hunting package includes everything but your personal gear, bedroll and weapon. Lodging on this hunt will be out of a camp trailer with meals included. Double c guides and outfitters a premium hunting guide on. Utah bookcliffs roadless area elk hunts allout guiding. Has anyone hunted unit 39 bordering 43 near atlanta, idaho. The seep ridge road is paved almost to the book cliffs ridge road though start paying attention about mile marker 14 as there are a couple frost heaves between 14 and 12 that will bottom out the pickup and about blow a trailer off the ball especially at 65 mph. There are lots of 150 class bucks with 2224 inch spreads on the unit to choose from with quality up to 170 class for those who put in the time both scouting and during the hunt. We have already done a bunch of the hunt planning but any info from guys that have actually had boots in the dirt in the unit is much appreciated. Spike elk general hunt unit book cliffs regulates hunting opportunities in utah and covers 2,291,535 acres.

This book cliffs road less area for trophy bulls can be hunted with archery, rifle or muzzle loader depending on the tag that you draw. Utah does not tell you how many tags will be allotted for each unit until after the draw, so i. Utah big game field regulations utah division of wildlife utah. Bear book cliffs, little creek roadless multiseason any limited entry season in the book cliffs, bitter creek roadless unit during the 2016 season bear c t l mt m ti n th central mtns, mantinorth multiseason any limited entry season in the central mountains, manti north unit during the 2016 seas m lti a li it d t i th c t l m t i m ti n th. Predators, new roads, over hunting and poor fawn crops had decimated the previously plentiful deer to the point that the area was closed to hunting 19962000. In fact it is exactly the advice given in the book i mentioned above. Part of the southern edge of this wsa is dominated by the 2,000foothigh face of the book cliffs. Utah hunt planner utah division of wildlife resources. These colorado cliffs look like books on a shelf outthere. The bitter creek south unit is also known for trophy class bulls making this a great opportunity to hunt trophy.

It can be a physical hunt with a large roadless area included in the deer unit. I would like to thank everyone that gave advice and encouragement on this site. The abundant wildlife draws thousands of hunters to the backcountry areas of the book cliffs for biggame hunting. That hunt has been canceled for 2020, and the hunt listing has been removed from the electronic copy of the guidebook.

But most of them are road hunting, or hunting within a few hundred yards of a road. We are gt outfitters, specializing in eastern utah big game. The wasatch mountains offer more tags than any other unit while still producing great quality and the book cliffs units bitter creek and little creek are vast and remote areas in. Since your in utah now, fill the truck up, get your boots laced up and go check them out.

Directions winter ridge wsa is located in the book cliffs in southern uintah county, and about 60 miles south of vernal, ut. As the hunt draws nearer, the anticipation continues. If i hunted this area i would pack in 35 miles and hunt high. The deer in the utah book cliffs live a sheltered life. The area begins about 50 air miles south of vernal, utah and extends south to the book cliffs divide. No reason you could not kill a 330 bull on either unit if you hunt hard and have a little luck. Bear hunting with hounds is one of most intense and exciting hunts you will ever go on. This year they have split the unit into north and south. We hunt general season deer in the northeastern region of utah. Utah elk limited hunt unit book cliffs, little creek roadless onx. Nov 02, 2018 after 10 years of applying, my father, who is 70 years young, drew a utah limited entry deer tag for the bookcliffs north unit. Limited entry book cliffs bull elk hunts and wasatch bull elk. The variety of habitat makes this area perfect for supporting the abundant wildlife. The majority of our elk hunts take place during the rut.

Reasons to protect utahs book cliffs roadless area. Book cliffs bulls and bucks west boundary is on the utahcolorado border. Whats this area like for elk during the archery hunt. This is an excerpt from hunting editor andrew mckeans book, how to hunt everything, which is available here. Limited entry book cliffs bull elk hunts and wasatch bull. As the name implies, this is an area that is accessible by foot traffic or horseback only. Be thankful we dont live in utahunreal the campfire. Book cliffs roadless deer eastmans hunting journals. For nonresidents the draw odds last season were 1 in 41 with a wait of up. The uintah and ouray indian reservation is on the west side of the book cliffs. Unit 39 sounds a lot like what you describe in utah. These maps include public land ownership boundaries, topography, roads, and key terrain features. Bighorn sheep unit management plan book cliffs, south.

The book cliffs of eastern utah has traditionally seen many trophy mule deer harvested. The utah division of wildlife resources utah hunt planner is an interactive map designed to help hunters research hunting units. We offer archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts in most of the limited entry units across the state. He has an intimate knowledge of this unit and has produced incredible results for his archery and rifle clients for many years. Hunter is responsible for any additional costs of the appropriate resident or nonresident license fees. This is the place to go to get a nice representative mule deer buck. Utah deer limited hunt unit book cliffs, south onx. This means that you should be able to hunt the road less area also if you would like. They are so named because the cliffs of cretaceous sandstone that cap many of the southfacing buttes appear similar to a shelf of books. We are hunting for buck deer and we hunt an area that gets very little hunting pressure during deer season as it is accessible only by foot or horseback. Utah has some of the best elk hunting in the world. Now the fun begins staring at th computer, shooting the smokestick, getting in better shape, and dreaming.

The plateau boulder is famous for producing trophy quality bulls. After a 4 year wait, the book cliffs area of northeastern utah had finally opened for mule deer. My group was lucky to draw out on the rifle hunt with minimum points. Your headquarters for hunting maps and data in arizonas unit 39. This unit has a lot of deer, finding a buck over 180 may prove a little challenging. Mt dutton would be a sure thing and book cliff is a strong possibility. I just move to utah and found out that instead of waiting for 58 more years before hunting elk in one of the better units as a nonresident, i can do so in 20 as a resident.

Once you hit the dirt road its generally good and 2 plus lanes wide. Mule deer, elk and western big game hunting articles and. Book cliffs, geological feature of eastcentral utah and western colorado, u. The book cliffs are a series of desert mountains and cliffs in western colorado and eastern utah, in the western united states. The book cliffs the book cliffs wildlife management unit wmu consists of 3 subunits. Both southern uintah county and northern grand county are included. Book cliffs bucks scouting before the hunt 819 youtube. Also we do drop camps and pick ups on the south slope of the uinta mountains unit. You are also welcome to bring camping accommodations of. Montana elk hunting can be great especially in the famed montana breaks areas.

Pronghorn antelope hunts offgrid outdoors western hunting. The way that it looks is that the hunt includes both a and c in the any weapon hunt. Double c guides mule deer hunting book cliffs, henry. Hunting and permit allocation recommendations will be made in accordance with the utah bighorn sheep statewide management plan. Book cliffs, im a comming muleymadness hunting forums. The ranch is located in colorados unit 21 and just across the border is utahs bitter creek south unit which is a limited entry hunt for both deer and elk. The selected state hunt unit or game management unit boundary is overlaid on the blm base. Overthecounter in colorado by mike duplan altitude.

The book cliffs unit probably provides one of the most enjoyable hunts in the west. Mule deer hunting, elk hunting and western big game hunting. For every american whitetail hunter, elk are aspirational, calling to them the way cooperstown calls to a. For the archery hunter, there is a portion of this unit book cliffs roadless area were we offer a horseback camp 10 miles from the roads and crowds. I was hoping to gather some more information on the area if anyone has hunted this area for elk in the past. Herd composition and harvest the book cliffs will be managed as a limited entry buck deer hunting unit, with a 3 year average postseason buck to doe ratio. Utah trophy bulls, bulls, bear, book cliffs mountains. Choosing a place and unit to hunt with 92 units to choose from is a. Finally out ran the points creep and drew the bitter cr. It sounds like it gets hunted petty hard in the lower areas is that true. Let us help you be more successful on your next hunting adventure. The utah hunt planner also provides the legal hunting boundaries approved by the utah wildlife board. Double c guides and outfitters operates on all subunits of the wasatch mountains and the book cliffs as well as the trophy elk unit of plateau, boulderkaiparowits.

The size of the area, and difficult terrain, can make it a very challenging place to hunt. Beginning near helper, utah, and joined at green river, utah, by a second escarpment, the roan cliffs, the 2,000foot 610metre tall mountain wall, winds a 250mile 400km course along the tavaputs and roan. Monster muleys hunting community and forum mule deer, elk. The wind would do strange things, a lot of doesfawnssmall bucks to work around, thick brush in some places, no cover in others, dry crunchy conditions, and hunting pressure. Winter ridge wsa tributary canyons and the northern slopes of winter ridge comprise the southern portion of the unit. Archery, muzzleloader, any weapon, premium premium allows the tagholder to hunt all 3 seasons. We specialize in trophy bull elk, mule deer, bison, bear. Aug 12, 2009 new bison herd doing well in utahs book cliffs utah last winter, the transplant of 30 bison from the henry mountains to the book cliffs drew the attention of people across. Book cliffs geological feature, utah, united states. Our primary area is colorado unit 61, as most of you know unit 61 is one of colorados most soughtafter trophy elk and deer units. I have seen it down there when there is not a single deer to be found up high, and this is in early october before the rifle hunts start. We offer some of the best utah elk hunting guides anywhere. Hunting, guides, outfitters for sale hunters domain.

Good morning everyone, i drew the book cliffs bitter creek south unit for archery this year in utah. We specialize in trophy bull elk, mule deer, bison, bear and lion. Ive never hunted the unit myself but ive got a buddy that has drawn. I dont believe that the road less holds larger elk than the rest of the book cliffs but the advantage is that there are fewer hunters and the hunters that go. Cliffs road to the north fork of the owyhee river, then. One of the great things about hunting pronghorn is hunters can take advantage of all the daylight hours during their hunt. Welcome to the shane scott outfitting black bear hunting information page. Elk limited hunt unit book cliffs, little creek roadless regulates hunting.

Utah dwr hunt map book cliffsbitter creek south, bear. Our camp is a roadside camp placed within easy distance of prime deer hunting areas. A few clips of some of the deer we were able to locate on our scouting trip in early august. If the deer start moving down, you need to know where they are going.

Feb 22, 2016 come along as richard slaugh films the rutting muleys of the ut bookcliffs. This hunt is great for the beginner or the seasoned veteran. Im heading down to the book cliffs next week for a 4 day scouting trip. I have never been to the unit before, but that is soon to change. Mytopo hunt area game management units gmu maps are 1. You will hunt with clay mckeachnie of book cliffs hunting. Main canyon, coal canyon, cottonwood canyon and spring canyon. American bisonamerican bison populationsbig game animalshabitat ecologyhabitat ecologymanagementwildlife managementwildlife managementplanning. Pronghorn antelope are a species that will give you a chance to get into the record books too. Buck mule deer hunting in the book cliffs, this is a limited entry unit. Utah book cliffs, boulder and wasatch trophy bull elk.

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding the specific weapon season you prefer. We hunt the book cliffs, rattlesnake, nine mile and san rafael units. We are truly fortunate to be able to offer this awesome trophy bull elk hunt in utahs famous book cliffs unit. Guiding your dream hunts wade lemon hunting outfitters. This unit has good road access and is a great option for hunters that lack the physical abilities to hunt in other units where the physical demand is much higher.

While game is plentiful in the region, finding that trophy animal can be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the unit. A cold rains storm much less snow will put them right into migration mode and it only takes less than a day for them to get to their winter grounds. Baryte and calcite found in concretions ranging from a half an inch to over 6 feet with some concretions in a linear configuration, up to the size of a sedansaloon. This is a utah open bull elk hunt and tags usually go on sale over the counter in may some time. Aprilmay shed hunting utah 2018 book cliffs duration. Book cliffs road less elk hunting essential ingredients.

Hunt with us this season and you will see great hunting areas, hard work ethics, and first class western hospitality. These two hunt areas offer mountain ranges with every type of bighorn sheep habitat from low rolling hills to high craggy cliffs. Hunting areas again not in any particular order are as follows. We offer elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, buffalo, cougar and bear hunts.

Dont miss this opportunity to have the hunt of a lifetime. This remote unit is one of the most spectacular areas of utah. Tags value of a point 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20. Book cliffs, little creek roadless the book cliffs, little creek roadless unit is one of our favorite elk areas. This outfitter operates on 3 of the top utah elk units. The roadless book cliffs are not huge in size, but is far bigger than can be hunted in a single season. Now to get busy with a lot more in depth research and shooting the smokepole. We live about 17 hrs away so preseason scouting will be difficult. Excludes book cliffs, little creek roadless unit as follows. Most years utah will produce more record book bulls than many of the western states combined. These four larger systems are also accompanied by many smaller side canyons.

We can tailor your utah hunts and trips any way you want. The book cliffs in utah in october is anyones guess. This hunt entails using well trained bear hounds of various breeds to run the bear. The little book cliffs wilderness study area is characterized by gentlysloping plateaus, various small canyons, and four major canyon systems.

If there is a cold rain or even a early snow storm the deer will be off of the top and down to their winter grounds 12 miles to the north of the main road on the top. Anyone ever drew this tag or helped out on a mule deer hunt there. I am wondering if anyone can tell me on average, how many bucks out of 10 might be a 4 point or better. If you are one of the successful applicants, you will be sent a letter explaining how to obtain your permit from the utah division of wildlife resources along with the appropriate information regarding your hunt and permit fees. We have had over 30 years experience hunting this unit. The book cliffs area is an exceptional trophy elk and mule deer unit. Book cliffs roadless area miles hanberg and ashley green utah division of wildlife resources january 22, 2014 2. The book cliffs stretch for almost 200 miles from eastern utah into western colorado. The hunting ranges from fair to good in the bookcliffs and piceance units. I cant wait to share the journey with the hunt talk crowd. Research hunts and units before you apply in the big game drawing, and any of utahs other hunt drawings.

Keep an eye out for more species and how to hunt them here on the hunting blog. It was a lot of fun and a hunt we will never forget. That portion of unit 39 within ada county, and that portion of unit 39 within the following. We seldom see deer hunters in this area of the unit. Deer limited hunt unit book cliffs, south regulates hunting opportunities in utah and covers 826,337 acres. Book cliffs, little creek roadless grand countyboundary begins at steer ridge road and ten mile knoll. The book cliffs utah mule deer unit produces 150170 bucks yearly with a few larger taken. Utah dwr hunt map book cliffs bitter creek south, bear, bull elk. The only hunts that i know of that split the road less area off into its own hunt are for the elk hunts. These isolated cliffs are uniquely beautiful and a worldrenowned hunting destination and outdoor recreation area. The roadless area of the book cliffs requires the use of horses to hunt effectively and double c has the knowledge and experience to insure a successful hunt. There are some big brutes that will hang out on or near the top but they could be few and far between.

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