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The political scene in india from the decline of the guptas until the rise of harsha was bewildering. The guptas confessed on india the long desired unity and the feeling of. The post gupta period in northern india saw the emergence of regional kingdoms, mostly derived from the feudatories of the. The founder of the sunga dynasty is pushyamitra sunga. History life in gupta period the gupta period is considered to the most brilliant period or the golden age of the hindus. Kumaragupta was the son and successor of chandragupta ii. Post gupta bengal inscriptions, coins and literatures request pdf. His reign was marked by general peace and prosperity. Media in category art of the gupta period the following 167 files are in this category, out of 167 total.

It extends through the reigns of chandragupta i, samudragupta, chandragupta ii, vikramaditya, kumaragupta and skandagupta. This article on ancient india covers gupta and postgupta rulers. Postgupta period, notes, history, upsc, ias, civil. Paper 11 politicosocial and administrative history of ancient india. India witnessed a great advancement in the field of literature under the gupta monarchs. The long and efficient rule of the guptas made a huge impact on the political, social and cultural spheres. Large scale displacement of peoples continued for some time. In the same period even the character of the hun invaders underwent change. After the gupta period, india was divided into different small and medium kingdoms. Gupta dynasty ruled in ancient india between the 3rd century and 6th century. Gupta dynasty ncert notes on guptan empire for upsc. The decline of the gupta dynasty a little after the fifth century a.

The compilation based on ncert texts will also help you learn the cultural history of india. Study and analysis of gupta empire in the history of india. The guptas started their rule from a small state in. The postgupta period in northern india history discussion.

The postgupta era is a period that witnessed the beginnings of the regional identities that took deep roots in course of time. It was expected from a woman to obey her father before she was married, then after marriage obey her husban. Introduction the gupta empire was an ancient indian empire, founded by maharaja sri gupta, which existed from approximately 320. It is the noticeable product of the system of education and learning. Gupta period was considered as the golden phase of indian literature. After then he continues to write regularly in different magazines.

Painting as an art reached its perfection in gupta period. The gupta empire was ruled by members of the gupta dynasty from around 320 to 550 ad and covered most of northcentral india. Post gupta period the post gupta period influence of gupta. Gupta period 320 ce750 bc 52 the gupta empire was founded in northern india at the beginning of the fourth century ad after a long period of chaos which ensued when the kushan empire ended in the middle of the third century. They themselves were highly cultured and consequently they did all that could be done for patronising literature and art. One of these states was of the lichchahavis of vaisali who dominated portions of north bengal and south bihar. Harsha, though a pushyabhuti ruler of thaneswar ruled from kanauj, which was originally the seat of maukharis, with whom he contracted a marriage alliance. The post gupta period in northern india saw the emergence of. The first article was published in anandamela patrika when he was only 12 years old. The gupta period witnessed the ultimate revival of brahmanical culture which saw its beginning in the horse sacrifice of samudragupta.

In gupta empire 320 ad to 550 ad, there was a hierarchy of administrative divisions from top to bottom. The gupta period is called the golden age of ancient india. The puranas preserved the traditions, legends, moral codes, religious, and philosophical principles. Chapter 8 postgupta period i 600ad 750ad civilsdaily. The gupta and post guptas period group12 presented by. Society witnessed structural reorientation as significant groups of foreigners penetrated into india and chose to be identified with the rest of the community. The later guptas are socalled because the names of their rulers ended with the suffix gupta, which they might have adopted to. These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like ias, pcs, upsc, nda, cds ssc, rrb, psc, ibps. This was one of the only early indian civilization to be able to unite the subcontinent under their. Political condition of north india in postharsha period. Samudragupta, gupta ruler 1700 years ago, ie ad 300. The reference material for this post is ncert history text for class 6 our past 1. Get ncert notes on gupta dynasty and download gupta dynasty notes pdf.

Coins of guptas, gupta coinage, coins of gupta dynasty. Feudatories and subjugated powers declared their independence and made way for. The gupta period marks an important phase in the history of ancient india. Provinces were also divided into vishayas and put under the control of the vishayapatis. Gupta period is one of the most important period in indian history. Post gupta period the post gupta period influence of gupta dynasty remained in from art 172 at montgomery college. The fall of the gupta rulers paved the way for domination of the later guptas, maukharis and pushyabhutis in the north. The other gupta period inscription recovered from the study area was from. Northern india was divided into four kingdoms of later guptas of magadha, the maukharis, the pushabhutis and the maitrakas.

Numerous inscriptions of kings reveal that the kings claimed descent from the gupta vakataka dynasties. By patronizing the gems of the sanskrit literature chandragupta ii. Though the gupta empire was not as widespread as the mauryan empire was in india, the gupta dynasty was successful in creating an empire that is significant in the. However, the guptas possessed a large quantity of gold, whatever its source, and they issued the largest number of gold coins. Remarkable bronze is a 4armed avalokiteshwara which is a good eg. The gupta script was descended from brahmi and gave rise to the nagari, sarada and siddha. The women were given secondary position in the gupta empire society.

In history, gupta dynasty known for being the first dynasty to unite and rule most of the indian subcontinent. Nanadeshi guild of teachers having membership from different regions and castes niyoga liviratethe practice of allowing a widow to cohabit with her husbands younger brother till the birth of a male child prohibited by dharmashastra from gupta period onwards. One of the main vehicles of this brahmanical culture was the sanskrit language. They ruled large parts of northern india from early 4 th century ce to mid6 th century ce. The lifestyle and culture of the gupta empire is known to us through the availability of various ancient scriptures, coins, inscriptions, and texts, etc.

The panchatantra version was written some time during the gupta period. Chandragupta, his father, was the first ruler of the gupta dynasty to adopt the grand title of maharaj adhiraja, a title that samudragupta also used. The gupta script sometimes referred to as gupta brahmi script or late brahmi script was used for writing sanskrit and is associated with the gupta empire of india which was a period of material prosperity and great religious and scientific developments. History notes on coins of guptas, gupta coinage and coins of gupta dynasty. Read about samudragupta, chandragupta and more here for ias exam. Pdf where were the gupta and postgupta settlements in the. Request pdf post gupta bengal inscriptions, coins and literatures the history of post gupta period is hazy in the annals of ancient bengal. Get s p gupta statistical methods pdf file for free on our ebook library pdf file. The objective or multiple questions of the gupta empire, discussed here are very important for the various types of competitive examinations like railway, government jobs interview, banking exam, staff selection commission or ssc, cgl, etc. Postmauryan, pregupta period general knowledge 185 bc 319 bc sunga dynasty kanva dynasty satavahana dynasty chedi dynasty the sakas the parthians the kushans sunga dynasty 187 to 73 bc. Historians place the gupta dynasty alongside with the han dynasty, tang dynasty and roman empire as a model of a classical civilisation. Post maurya and pre gupta period questions and answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams. D, asm, tte, food sub inspector, wb police, gram panchayat, postal assistant, agriculture, court, psc, lic, cmat and all other state level public service commission exams. Gk gupta period questions with answers objective mcq.

The achievements of the gupta period in the field of literature, science and technology are as follows. About 500 years after the role of the maurya dynasty in india, this dynasty came to power. From school life, his passion was sports and writing. Apr 20, 2020 postgupta period, notes, history, upsc, ias, civil service exam upsc notes edurev is made by best teachers of upsc. The book was so popular that about 200 versions of the book exist in more than 50 languages of the world. Gupta empire simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A proper understanding of this unit would help you in developing a fair. Engage your students during remote learning with video readalouds. Feudatories and subjugated powers declared their independence and made way for emergence of small kingdoms. After going through this unit you have learned about the political developments in the post gupta period and realized different other aspects of the socioeconomic and religious life of that period. The achievements of the gupta period in the field of. Where were the gupta and postgupta1 settlements in the hinterland zone of. The maukharis who first held the region of western u.

Because of the high level of cultural progress that was achieved during this period, the gupta period is generally referred to as a golden age. Base of a buddha image with adorants from mathura, c. This document is highly rated by upsc students and has been viewed 1227 times. The gupta period is popularly known as the golden age of india. Most of these are in fact the religious grants made by history manual the gupta rulers to. The time of the gupta empire is referred to as golden age of india in science, mathematics, astronomy, religion and philosophy. Prachet gupta was born on october 14, 1962, in kolkata. Synthesis between the sarnath school from the gupta period and the local bihar tradition. The later guptas succeeded the imperial guptas as the rulers of magadha, but there is no evidence connecting the two dynasties. Life in gupta period green valley educational institute.

Standard 6 only the main points from each chapter are compiled below. In northern india, king harsha ruled one of the small kingdoms, but after he died in the 600s ad, his kingdom fell apart into three even smaller ones. Gupta empiremcqsfoundersamudraguptachandragupta iisakas. From the point of view of literature, religion, art, architecture, commerce and colonial development, this period is undoubtedly the most important in indian history. Paintings in gupta period have been the testaments of artistic excellence that prevailed during the ancient era 320 ce550 ce. The gupta period in indian history is termed as the golden age of india. Pdf traces of buddhist architecture in gupta and postgupta. There were four major kingdoms in north india between the period in which the guptas declines and the rise of harsha i. The condition of women in the gupta empire period slowly deteriorated. Tormana was no savage but a hinduised frontier king attacking a decaying empire. Officers of the gupta empire a vishayapati administered the vishaya with the help of the adhikarana council of representatives, which comprised four. The two hundred years of gupta rule may be said to mark the climax of hindu imperial tradition. This may not be true in the economic field because several towns in north india declined during this period.

These questions are the part of previous year paper. Some of the chief achievements of the gupta period are the following. The wonderful literature was produced in prose, poetry, drama, and grammar. The later gupta dynasty ruled the magadha region in eastern india between 6th and 7th centuries. Indus valley civilization emerged stretches for more than 900 miles along the indus river in northwestern india. These paintings are to be found in the bagh caves in madhya pradesh and bedsa caves and the ajanta caves in maharashtra. This formative period requires a detailed study, since many institutions and problems of presentday india owe their origin to this period. According to some scholars, the most glorious period of ancient indian history is the rule of the gupta dynasty. Our advice is to first go through the respective ncert text.

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