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Automatic transmission rebuild kits torqueflite 727. We could have beefed up the 904 to do the job, but we decided to go with the big boy of chrysler transmissions, the venerable 727 torqueflite. Chrysler 904 torqueflite 6 automatic transmission deluxe rebuild. Automatic transmissions torqueflite 727 transmission. A727 transmission rebuild part1 torqueflite8 youtube. Torqueflite also seen as torqueflite is the trademarked name of chrysler corporations. Low gear sets and lightweight options available too to upgrade your high performance mopar transmission. High quality chrysler a727 oem and aftermarket hard parts, seals, gaskets, pumps, valve bodies, rebuild kits and more from global transmission parts. All ati torqueflite transmissions must have an sfiapproved transmission shield mounted prior to installation or operation. Viewing a thread retrofitting torqueflite a488 with an a727.

When we began searching for an a727 torqueflite to hold up to the 825hp ray bartonbuilt street hemi going in our 65 coronet, we found most transmission companies claimed their units could only. A727 hp rebuild kit a727 automatic transmission high. Theres only 1 shift lever that you can change in a torqueflite and you cant compare anything in them to a turbo 400 cause their absolutely nothing alike. You can order them from a lot of places on the net. How to rebuild or modify chryslers a727 torqueflite for all applications by carl. Professional level overhaul kit for all 195661 chrysler. Late model transmissions, particularly automatics, have advanced way beyond the years of the twospeed powerglide, in fact there are now 8speed automatic transmissions that provide a deep first gear with closeratios and dual overdrives, all of which help the makers achieve the. Mopar automatic transmission master rebuild kit for.

Chrysler valiant mopar deep transmission pan, steel. The chrysler torqueflite automatic threespeed trans is a staple for mopar muscle machinery. What is the maximum of my hp 904 transmission survives. New automatic transmission rebuild kit for the a727. Maximum hp in 904 transmission with the following parts. I did a rebuild of the transmission with the following parts. These transmissions have been with us now for over 40 years. Years worth of technical information is compiled and shared in this book. Automotive free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Buy atsg a727 904 chrysler transmission repair manual a727 transmission a727 transmission rebuild kit best repair book available.

Once the transmission is installed, the 6264 pushbutton shift cable will fit hook up to the existing 5button shifter, if it has. All 4wd transmissions require the actual core be supplied for preparation. The torqueflite is one of the easist automatics to overhaul and a very durable transmission. Buy mopar automatic transmission master rebuild kit for torqueflight a727 transmissions. They cover specific transmissions and are easy to understand with a lot of helpful hints. In the 1990s, the torqueflite name was dropped in favor of alphanumeric designations, although the latest zfbased transmissions with the eightspeed. Available with this transmission are a variety of different styles of builds that provide a higher rating of torque and. How to rebuild or modify chryslers a727 torqueflite for all applications munroe, carl on. All 3speed nonpowerglide transmissions require either a likekind core be supplied or a unit specific core fee be paid. This kit lowers and rotates the stock filter position to the rear of the tf 727 transmission pan providing increased fluid pickup during hard acceleration. How to rebuild a 727 torqueflight transmission whichcar. The first variant of the a488 was the a904 torqueflite 6, used. Im about ready to rebuild my 904 out of my 71 scamp and just curious as to what special tools will be needed to so do.

Chrysler 904 torqueflite 6 3 speed rwd reconditioned automatic. Weve put stock torqueflite transmissions behind bigblocks pushing upwards of 600 hp and found they not only survive, but perform quite well. This manual contains the procedures necessary to service, repair and overhaul both the a727 and the a904 transmissions, and some of the differences between these two units. I believe it is the front band that is left out of a turbo 400 but it does a different job in them. Mopar automatic transmission master rebuild kit for torqueflight a727 transmissions. Just search for 904 torqueflite atsg transmission rebuild. Leave the front band out of a torqueflite and you wont have 2nd gear. How to rebuild or modify chryslers a727 torqueflite for all applications.

Ive heard that some refers to the transmission as the 727a but i dont think that is correct. Ive got a 59 custom royal and i need to either rebuild or replace my transmission this year, too much slip and not enough go. If your torqueflite has never been serviced the old 2speed powerflite transmission was used in both plymouths and dodges through the 61 model year. A727 rebuild kit automatic transmission master overhaul. Tom hands guide to the chrysler torqueflite automatic. Because the transmissions were shifted by pushbuttons, the transmission had a reverse blocker valve that shifted them into neutral when drivers accidentally punched reverse while moving forward. It is always best to base a transmission rebuild on a. The 904 torqueflite is one of the easiest transmissions to rebuild. Chrysler 727 transmission overhaul rebuild kit tf8 ebay. Check out the deal on a727 rebuild kit automatic transmission master overhaul set a727 torqueflite 8 dodge chrysler jeep at oregon performance transmission.

So, what is a fair price for a 727 performance rebuild. A727 transmission rebuild part1 torqueflite 8 duration. Torqueflite transmissions and transaxles made through 1991 were assigned arbitrary engineering designations. Information is this book is meant for people with some experience with this transmission. Hp books torqueflite a727 transmission handbook hp99.

Rebuild kits free delivery possible on eligible purchases. See our torqueflite overview main page, part ii modifications, and part iii repairs part 1. Fully blueprinted competition automatic transmissions available in foot brake and transbrake options. International full size jeep association tire kickin general fsj discussion stupid transmission quiz th400 vs tf 727. Take flight with your torqueflite transmission mopar. Retrofitting torqueflite a488 with an a727 jump to page. Performance automatics comp transmissions combine the latest technology and track proven durability to provide the drag racer with a product he can rely on round after round and season after season. Ati chrysler torqueflite tf904 drag race transmissions. This is the final section of a three part series devoted to the aluminumcased chrysler torqueflite transmission. Finally, here is a comprehensive handbook that will help you rebuild or modify your a727 torqueflite transmission for all applications. If you can find an atsg transmission guide, that is what i would suggest. Tcis triple tested quality of maximizer transmissions begins with a trans case and component inspection and the complete remanufacturing of valve bodies.

Performance automatic chrysler 727904 torqueflite transmissions. Pure race applications, however, will find the weak. Rebuild your chrysler torqueflite a904 or a727 transmission so that it operates as smoothly as it did when it drove off the showroom floor. The heavy duty 727 was typically married to small and big block brb engines such as the 360, 383, 440, or 426 hemi. Any special tools needed to rebuild 904 torqueflite. Borg warner 35 3 speed automatic transmission deluxe rebuild kit. I pulled everything and my a nearby dodge dealer said they could do it. The paperback of the torqueflite a727 transmission handbook hp99. Popular among drag racers, offroaders, and monster truck enthusiasts, the torqueflite 727 automatic transmission is known for its controllability, reliability, easecheapness of repair, and just plain brute strength.

Torqueflite was an option on 59 dodges, but there is a very real possibility that this car has powerflite, rather than torqueflite. A727 rebuild kit automatic transmission master overhaul set a. Torqueflite also seen as torqueflite is the trademarked name of chrysler corporations automatic transmissions, starting with the threespeed unit introduced late in the 1956 model year as a successor to chryslers twospeed powerflite. High performance chrysler torqueflite 727 transmission rebuild kit. Heavyduty rv transmissions the perfect transmission for 2wd towing and heavyload trucking, each unit has. I rebuilt one transmission a torqueflyte 727, but im sure the th400 is similar and it made it across the country without incident. The tf8, otherwise known as the a727, is an automatic 3 speed transmission featured in vehicles with a larger engine size but can also used in heavy duty trucks and high performance cars as well, making it quite versatile. This high performance transmission master kit comes with the following rebuild parts. New hp automatic transmission rebuild kit for the a727. Take it to them and a few weeks later they call with concern about price to rebuild. Ati racing transmissions chrysler torqueflite tf904 drag. This book is a huge asset to those who work on these and rebuild them. In this segment i discuss some of the tools i have on hand for this job and also make suggestions regarding workspace and other considerations.

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